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About us

We have created a unique place in the heart where used to be lakes and we invite everybody who wishes to rest and relax in a secluded place of our garden.

We welcome heartily all our quests in the Inn where we serve delicious and fresh meals. Guests have a chance to spend the night in cosy rooms, the evening in hot sauna or simply in the open air.

In our garden there is a playground as well as a secluded spot for adults all surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees and ponds.

We suit every taste.

Come and visit us!

Contact us


Regionalne Centrum Rekreacji „Kaktusik”

Ul. 29- Listopada 2, 16-300 Augustów

NIP: 846-101-00-06

Restaurant, sauna, rooms

Telephone  606 832 405

 E-mail: biuro@kaktusik.augustow.pl


Monday – Sunday

Restaurant 10:00 – 22:00

Summer Bar 12:00 – 22:00